2019 - 2020 Finalists

Team Recycle Rex - Best in Energy & Environment, Overall Winner

Government Science Technical College (GSTC), Garki


“Team "Recycle Rex" was formed by a group of four students, out of passion for waste management by turning waste into wealth. The main idea of converting single use waste plastics into composite floor/wall tiles was brought about by the alarming surge in the usage of non-biodegradable plastic products which has adversely impacted the ecosystem. Our goal is to transform the adverse effects of plastic wastes into composite and affordable floor and wall tiles for societal benefits. Ojih Favour helps in the research/innovative ideas and has an interest in wastes management. Chibuzor Akalugwu helps in the fabrication of moulds and the heating chamber. He has an interest in Material Science. Anthony Eghahi helps in co-coordinating the availability of waste materials for production. Elizabeth Idris helps in our business model development. Our product is eco-friendly and water/termite resistant. It provides economic values and multitudes of patterns and quality options. It is budget and friction friendly and can withstand heavy loads. Our solution creates jobs and generates revenue from which taxes will be withdrawn for economic recovery. “

Team Creative Innovators - First Runner Up

Government Science Technical College (GSTC), Garki


“TWe are innovators by profession but creative in nature which makes us Team Creative Innovators.The team consists of four spectacular and creative students who have a passion for providing an alternative source of energy that help to reduce the incessant power failure in the country. Fadilat Umar is the team leader and also acts as the team's business model analyst. Adeola Agbabiaka is the team's researcher, she gathers facts and researches on important information for the team. Chibueze Akalugwu plays the role of computer operator and helps in the documentation of information/ideas suggested by the team members. Muktar Masúd oversees production processes. Our Idea/Products Our products are clean liquid fuel and combustible gas which were produced by our locally fabricated pyrolysis system that converts waste plastics into clean liquid fuel and combustible gas without emission of harmful gases into the environment. This will go a long way in solving the existing problem of incessant power failure and that of environmental pollution and in turn serve as a substitute to fossil fuels. This solution will also create jobs for unemployed youths and contribute to economic growth of the country. “

Team Rojan - Best in Health & Nutrition, Second Runner Up

Queens College, Yaba


“ Team ROJAN is a team of 5 young and vibrant girls. ROJAN was formed due to our extra-ordinary intellectual abilities and our caring personalities. The name ROJAN was formed from our initials that is Rachael, Olamide, Jeff, Aishat and Nifemi. The school selected us to participate in this competition as a result of our excellent performance in our academics but working together has made us very compatible friends. The team is unique in its own way with Rachael, our team leader, the root and strength of the team; Olamide, the computer and research geek; Jeff, with her brainstorming ideas; Aishat, with her technical brain and amazing write-ups; and Nifemi, who handles all the documentations and writing aspects of the group's planning and strategizing, very creative and she works as a secretary. Our future goal is to stick together even after our secondary education to proffer solutions to emerging global challenges. We might separate in the nearest future for our tertiary education but united we stand as sisters and extra-ordinary members of team ROJAN. OUR PRODUCT The PRIMCARE is an integrated mobile application that has been designed to provide primary healthcare services to humanity through the android phones as an application and through the press button phones using the USSD code. The PRIMCARE enables patients to video call, voice call, chat and book appointments with the doctors of their choice. It also gives free nutritional advice, health tips and a diet table according to their health status. It gives location to the nearest hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and also help to locate an ambulance in the case of emergencies. It has a gamification component which helps to relax the patient and also follow up the administration and the usage of drugs and treatment. The PRIMCARE is an hospital-in-hand therefore it serves as the long-awaited solution to the challenges faced in providing healthcare services to humanity. “

Team Nova - Best in Cyber-Technology & Security

Pegasus Schools, Eket


“ Counterfeit goods are the single biggest threat to various industries. Stealing sales and diluting brand reputations, the global fake goods market is worth over $450 billion. In Europe and Africa, clothing, footwear, skincare, hair products and accessories industries lose approximately €26.3 billion (roughly $27.7 billion) in revenue annually from counterfeit goods, according to EU statistics, which in turn leads to employment losses of 518,281 and a loss of €8.1 billion in government revenue. We, Team Nova therefore developed a software and an app that can be used to curb the issue of counterfeit goods. The members of this team are Daniel Lewis, Daniel Anaele, Udeme Bassey, Uso Etukudo and Jeffrey Nwangwu. “

Team Revolutionists - Best in Aerospace & Aviation

Pegasus Schools, Eket


“ In our world today transportation is evolving day by day. Even though air transportation has significantly improved the safety of travellers, the casualties resulting from any disaster is usually high (almost 100%). This is the reason why team revolutionist is here, to reduce the death of people on airplanes especially the ones flying over water. We came together to re-engineer the engines of an airplane to adapt to different conditions (air, on and under water) especially in the event of a disaster. Our Team: David-Mark Edohoand Ubongabasi Akpan handled the economic analysis of the project Gideon Monday handled the technical aspects Akpanwan Billy handled the research and prospects of the project. “

Team Pentane

Holy Child College, Ikoyi


OUR TEAM Our team is called “Team Pentane”. It is made up of five brilliant, outstanding and prestigious girls from a wonderful citadel of learning. We all share similar ideas in science and are interested in ensuring that people, especially children live healthy and well nourished so that we all can help make the world a better place. We have been friends for 5 years that is why we are able to work as a team. We thank our teacher and coach, Mrs Ngozi May Mbaegbu for all her wonderful pieces of advice and encouragement. Thanks to our parents and sponsors. OUR PROJECT We chose the category ”Health and Nutrition” because we want to eradicate malnutrition in children. We realized that malnutrition does not only occur as a result of not eating but also, as a result of not eating the right food containing essential nutrients. A lot of children are dying from malnutrition worldwide especially in Africa and we also sadly see a lot of them in our country. This fact motivated us as a team to make a product which we call the ‘’ LIFE TREE SUPPLEMENT. We have encountered so many challenges but God has seen us through. “

Team Pissolo

Pegasus Schools, Eket


“We; Ediomo Amos, Kelvin Benson, Adegboyega Atiba and Joseph David are a group of young, inquisitive and innovative minds with a challenging vision. We believe we can help humanity with simple solutions to big problems and we have fixed our focus on the generation of affordable and clean energy from human waste. Energy remains Africa’s biggest problem and Nigeria, our country and Africa’s largest population and biggest economy falls miserably short on all energy indices starting from generation, transmission, and distribution. We believe everyone has a part to play in the solution, starting with ourselves. We are Team Pissolo – a waste management, and clean energy company – and we intend to collect, store, pipe and process urine into hydrogen fuel for the generation of electricity. Our process will also produce nitrogen and carbon dioxide as by-products which we can collect for use in fertilizer manufacturing and the processing of food and beverages. However, our focus for a start is developing technologies and techniques for the management of human waste and the generation of electricity. “

Team Rigour

Greensprings School, Lekki


“Team Rigour is a four-man student team consisting of John Anon Odianose, Ajao Obaloluwa, Sadiq Aminu Musa, and Raphael Onyeacholem. We are currently in year 9 in Greensprings School, Lekki, Lagos. The team decided to specialize in cyber space and security at our first team meeting and named the group Team Rigour because the name reflects the nature of what we are about to do facing this competition. Given our interest in promoting a safer online environment, we decided to address cyber security crimes like identity theft, phishing and pharming. Thus, we researched popular problem-solving tactics for spam messages, spam ads and spam calls and then infused our own and other existing solutions to form a type of defense called multi-layer gate. We created a multi-layer for each problem and commenced business research to discover the market plan and ventures. We were able to analyze our competitors and boost the feasibility of our app. Prototype without coding was designed with the proto.io app maker application. Afterwards, we received an email from CONRAD Nigeria that we made it to the final. We appreciate the opportunity to express our business skills with the aim of reducing or eradicating the risk of data security to the barest minimum. We really appreciate it. “

Team The MOTR Initiative

Dansol High School, Ikeja


Ruth Olotu I’m in the 10th grade at Dansol High School and the Chief Executive Officer of The MOTR Initiative. I manage communications within the team and make the major decisions concerning the operations of the team. I love Physics and Biology and hope to either become a Biogenetic Engineer, Orthopedic Surgeon or Astrophysicist. Mojolaoluwa Olajide I’m in the 10th grade at Dansol High School and the Chief Operations Officer of The MOTR Initiative. I am tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the team. My favorite subject is Biology and I want to become either a Cardiologist or a Biochemist. Tirenioluwa Malaolu I’m in the 10th grade at Dansol High School and the Chief Revenue Officer of the MOTR Initiative. I oversee the primary or shared responsibility for operations, sales, corporate development, marketing, pricing, and revenue management. I have a passion for Engineering and would like to become an Aeronautical Engineer. I also enjoy playing sports. Ooreoluwa Ogunlolu I’m in the 8th grade at Dansol High School and the Chief Research Officer of The MOTR Initiative. I work with team members to identify project goals, research methods, variables, and other test parameters. I love Chemistry and Physics and would love to become a Theoretical Chemist or an Atomic Physicist. We are a team dedicated to solving one of the greatest problems we have in the world today: Climate Change. We at The MOTR Initiative know that from recent data collection, the rate of climate change has increased drastically over the past 15 years and we have an idea that will revolutionize planet conservation as we know it. We call it The Plant Photosynthesis Synthesizer. The idea came about as a result of the brilliant thinking of our Chief Research Officer, Ooreoluwa Ogunlolu. During the course of our registration we thought to ourselves, “In what way can we solve one of the world’s most chronic problems, Climate change” Ooreoluwa then asked “Why can’t we just plant more trees”. But the thing is, no one has that kind of time anymore and not everyone is willing to employ labour that can actually properly take care of those plants. So that’s where our idea comes in. The PPS is designed such a way the world has never seen before and we hope that with this idea, we can reduce the rapid rate of climate change in the world. So join us as we begin our journey in revolutionary Science and Technology. “ “

Team Sonic

Pegasus Schools, Eket


“Sound is important to the human experience. We are all familiar with some of the characteristics of sound such as volume, tone, and pitch. Do you know that sound can be made to carry out other activities? The aim of our project is to modify the ultrasonic levitative properties of sound waves so as to remove unwanted growths in the body. Our team member; Emmanuella Oku Peters handled the need and economics of the project. Jacob Joseph Etukudo and Treasure Dominic Nduke came up with the technical aspect of the project and Iniunwana Udeme Ekpeyong was the support assistant and also worked on the prospects of our project. “

Team Renewers

Pegasus Schools, Eket


“When you carefully analyze the world's needs, you will discover that there is one major thing that the world needs and can benefit from… its “People”. Let us face the truth, it is not electricity, flying cars or how to talk to animals, it’s the people, especially those that did not have the best of luck in life health wise. That is what our purpose is, to make technology for the less fortunate so that they can have a better life. We built a Limb Enabling Device (LED) to help the paralyzed, senior citizens and anyone who has problems with free movement. The technology needed to achieve this might be hard and complex, but we see no limits. Our Team members are Blessing Itaketo, Priscilla Owen, Chelsea Nsima, Gracious Prince Richard and Uyai Akpan. “

Team Atlantis

Pegasus Schools, Eket


“Team Atlantis is made up of 8th graders who are ready to take on the world. When we hear CONRAD CHALLENGE, we think of inventions that could benefit mankind and ideas that could take technology to the next level. Hence, the idea of a water body purifier was born. A machine that works with the mechanical principle of water filters but with a twist...using a modified reverse osmosis water filter system. Although water dispensers and filters are used today to filter contaminated water, it is not available to anyone who is less privileged and lives in rural communities. Besides, the cleanliness of water purified via this means is not always guaranteed. That is why Team Atlantis has come up with this project so everyone has access to clean water. Our Team Enobong and Anita handled the need and design of the purifier. Esther is the research manager. Medara handled the technical aspect of the project. “

Team Trionix

Holy Child College, Ikoyi


“Team Trionix is made up of a group of 5 intelligent girls. We are vibrant, full of life, creative and beautiful set of girls. We have known each other from grade 7 and became closer as team members to share ideas and observations. We were able to unify our ideas through the help of God and our coach. We had some challenges in this journey of CONRAD challenges for 4 months but we were able to overcome them. The name trionix was chosen by the group members because we know robotics is taking over our generation and we needed something for it. We named the application Platinium Wall because it will act as an obstacle to fraudsters and hackers. The application (Platinum Wall) is a software for mobile phones that can block hackers of personal accounts or online files, documents and information. Platinum Wall is the application that can help users to use their phones and internet save from hackers or intruders. A mastermind application that consists of biometric sensors and Artificial Intelligence. It declines intruders’ access into your personal and valid information. It is an application that can block installed applications and online accounts. “

Team Intercept

Pegasus Schools, Eket


“We are team InterCEPT, made up of Caleb David, Chidinma Ajayi, Esther Anaele, Pearl Sunday and Terrence Udoma. We felt the need to step out of our boundaries and make a difference in the world. As a team, we are motivated by the passion to help prevent the destruction of our beloved planet and we intend to drive against the destructive activities of humans, thus promoting a healthier, better Earth. Our project: Bioplastics The world has produced over nine billion tons of plastic since the 1950s. 165 million tons of it are in our ocean and about 9 million more tons enter each year. Plastics pollute the environment or sit in landfills, where it can take up to 500 years to decompose while leaching toxic chemicals into the ground. These are only some of the problems caused by plastic pollution on earth. We therefore intend to create a compostable alternative to synthetic plastics, which can last long and serve its purpose as effectively as traditional plastics. It will be made from commercially available organic materials and will possess all the necessary qualities of plastics including strength, flexibility and longevity, with the bonus of being naturally degradable and environmentally friendly. “

Team Bio

Pegasus Schools, Eket


“Looking at the fashion industry we see that everyday clothes are being made and being one of the basic human requirements it is bought everyday by people. The problem is that most of these clothes are not degradable and the dig notable ones are very expensive. We Team Bio have found a way to make not just biodegradable but cheap clothes. This is because the raw material for these clothes are gotten from locally available materials. We believe that with this discovery, we are the future of fashion industry. We are Emem Orok, Joel Okon and Neryah Olomuyouvbe. “

Team Atomic No. 6

Greensprings School, Lekki


“We are team Atomic no 6. Our team is made up of 3 students: Uwadiae Guobadia, Akachukwu Egbosimba and Toni Aiyeola. We are students from Greensprings School Lekki. Together, as a team, we have worked hard on our idea, the Electro-Decarbonator, which is a device that we designed to be used to stop and get rid of the carbon dioxide from the exhaust pipes of generators. It does this through the use of chemical reactions instead of filters. Our device is connected to the generator exhaust pipe to begin work. Carbon dioxide from the exhaust pipe goes into a tube where it would meet carbonic acid to get rid of its soot. The fumes would later calcium hydroxide (lime water). The lime water is constantly pumped through the device. Once lime water and carbon dioxide meet, they react to form calcium carbonate. This compound then goes to the electrolysis system and it is separated into carbonic acid and calcium hydroxide. The calcium hydroxide goes back to the start to react with more carbon dioxide and the carbonic acid goes back to the start and is sprayed into the fumes of the exhaust pipe to get rid of the soot in it. “

Team Starfly

Holy Child College, Ikoyi


“We met at our school five years ago and we have been inseparable since then. We have all come to understand and tolerate one another as business partners, school mates and most especially as close friends. We are a team that is made up of future Physicians, Architects and Software Designers [Engineers]. Interestingly, aside being in the science field, we discovered early enough that we have one thing in common – the desire to create/transform ideas into reality. We acknowledge to a great extent the wonderful advice, assistance and encouragement we enjoyed from our coach – Mr. Philip Ubeh. The name of our product is Syntravice. The device is designed to tackle mainly air pollutants and air toxic wastes. The idea behind this innovation is based on the fact that air pollution constitutes a greater percentage of environmental health hazards witnessed in every nook and cranny of our community. Our device aims at reducing and eliminating the harmful effects of these pollutants and similar toxic gases in the environment. Syntravice is cost effective. The device is also powered by solar energy. Please invest in our product (Syntravice). Thank you very much. “

Team Hallogen

Holy Child College, Ikoyi


“Hallogen means bright light. Team Hallogen is a very unique team with a group of 5 simple, curious, creative, and innovative female minds. We have come to understand and tolerate all the strengths and weaknesses of one another as business partners, school mates and most especially as close friends. We are in grade 10 (Senior Secondary School one). We have been on this journey for over 3 months. We are delighted to bring our ideas to the world through the CONRAD challenge. We were able to share ideas despite our individual differences. We selected the category Energy and Environment because of the challenges we are facing in Agriculture in Nigeria (Excess Nitrogen in the soil, crops and plants). NEUTROGEN is a neutralizer of excess Nitrogen in the soil and it reduces the acidity of the soil. NEUTROGEN is in crystalline form which can be applied to the soil during planting. We discovered that there is excess nitrogen in the soil and we made NEUTROGEN. It contains little or no percentage of nitrogen but has other essential nutrients required by plants. NEUTROGEN reduces the percentage of nitrogen in the soil. The advent of this product will boost food production and increase foreign reserves. “

Team Fit

Pegasus Schools, Eket


“Dumebi Duru, Goodnews Effiong, Essesbasi Ambrose, Idongesit Bassey and Jemimah Thompson all make up the group TEAM FIT. Team Fit's idea is aimed at people of all shapes and sizes, from the very fit people to the grandmother trying to build enough strength to pick herself up after a fall. Our idea is to create a sensor for scanning food in accordance with an app that works on all kinds of smart watches and phones. This sensor will be attached to the port found in the smart watch or phone before it is used. The sensor will be used to determine the freshness, calories, germs, etc. of the food. It will also tell if the food will cause great harm or not to the eater, amongst others. After the sensor scans the food, information about the food will be displayed on your phone or smart watch through the app. The app will have the personal information about the user like weight, body temperature at different times, blood pressure and the likes. Also, the app will give suggestions on healthy foods that could be taken when an individual is not feeling well or is unfit. “

Team Magma

Greensprings School, Lekki


“Dumebi Duru, Goodnews Effiong, Essesbasi Ambrose, Idongesit Bassey and Jemimah Thompson all make up the group TEAM FIT. Team Fit's idea is aimed at people of all shapes and sizes, from the very fit people to the grandmother trying to build enough strength to pick herself up after a fall. Our idea is to create a sensor for scanning food in accordance with an app that works on all kinds of smart watches and phones. This sensor will be attached to the port found in the smart watch or phone before it is used. The sensor will be used to determine the freshness, calories, germs, etc. of the food. It will also tell if the food will cause great harm or not to the eater, amongst others. After the sensor scans the food, information about the food will be displayed on your phone or smart watch through the app. The app will have the personal information about the user like weight, body temperature at different times, blood pressure and the likes. Also, the app will give suggestions on healthy foods that could be taken when an individual is not feeling well or is unfit. “

Each of the students in the finalist teams won $60,000 (N21 million) in foreign scholarship from Clarkson University, New York, USA. In addition, the overall winner represented Nigeria at the international finals held between 21st and 28th April, 2019 at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA.

2020 Summit Recap

It was an eventful three days. All the teams (and coaches) arrived at Lekki Peninsula Hotel on the 30th of January 2020. They would be lodged there for the entirety of the summit. The first order of business was a trip to Filmhouse Cinemas at Twinwaters Oniru in the evening. There, students and coaches were seperated into two theaters. Each group was treated to a nice age-appropriate comical movie while munching down on popcorn and drinks. This was intended to help everyone calm down, relax and get to know themselves. The rest of the evening went smoothly as they had dinner and retired to their hotel rooms.

The next day featured visits to the Nike Art Gallery. There, the students and their coaches were taken on a tour. The experience was as educative as it was entertaining. Nike Davies-Okundaye (Mama Nike) was also present and spent some time with the students. The other major major event of the day was a workshop on design thinking. Sharon Georgewill, Lead Product Manager at WeJapa took the kids on the entire design thinking journey, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience.

The third day of the event (February 1st, 2020) was the Power pitch event. This was hosted by the very generous Lagoon School, Lekki. Each of the 21 teams came on stage to pitch their solutions to a panel of judges. Words fail to describe the atmosphere inside the event hall for the entirety of the pitch session. There was a light snack of tasty doughnuts and Zobo drinks from the Lagoon School midway during the pitch session. By evening all the pitches were done and the teams returned to their hotel rooms to prepare for the awards dinner.

The awards dinner began at 07:00 PM at Lekki Peninsula Hotel. There were fun activities the students engaged for entertainment. Things got serious however when it was time to announce the awards.

The best in each of the four challenge categories won awards for their excellent work.

Best in Aerospace & Aviation went to Team Revolutionists.

Best in Cyber-Technology & Security went to Team Nova.

Best in Energy & Environment went to Team Recycle Rex.

Best in Health & Nutrition went to Team Rojan.

The overall winners were ranked by total number of points and emerged from the best in categories, well except for one team.

The bronze medalists were Team Rojan.

The silver medalists were Team Creative Innovators.

The gold medalists were Team Recycle Rex.

Despite being silver medalists, Team Creative Innovators were the only outsiders to the 'Best in Categories' club because the overall winner came from the same category, Energy and Environment. The coaches of the top three teams were rewarded with laptops in appreciation of their great work.

For the three days of the summit, Bukkahut Lekki provided lunch and dinner for the students and their coaches. They also catered for the grand finale lunch for all attendees and a buffet for the awards dinner.

You can find pictures from the summit here